Lady Project Holiday Gift Guide

I'm usually designing pages for publications but I took on a different role for this project as an Art Director. I knew I wanted to do something festive and glamorous for the holidays in honor of the Lady Project Gift Guide's second issue. In its second year, the Guide evolved from a catalog to a magazine format packed with insightful content created by and for its members. 

We debuted this new look with a fashion spread featuring Lady Project members styled in clothing and accessories from local boutiques. 

This was a very hands-on creative endeavor from working closely with the photographer, hair and makeup artists, and stylists to designing the set, directing the models, and finally selecting the photos that went into the publication.


Art Direction and Production Design: Mihaela Hinayon | Photography: Cat Laine | Hair and Makeup: Kristen Lemoine and Kayla Resendes | Styling: Natalie Morello and Jay Davani